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12-apr-2017Design of an automated system for continuous monitoring of dairy cow behaviour in free-stall barnsMancino, Massimo
27-feb-2018Estimation of dicarbonyl compounds intake in Italy and their potential role against food spoilage/pathogenic bacteriaBrighina, Selina
12-apr-2017Food web interactions in an ecological community model: Tomato plant, Tuta absoluta and its natural enemiesNaselli, Mario
12-apr-2018Monitoring and modeling fluxes transfer processes in soil-plant-atmosphere continuum across scalesVanella, Daniela
12-apr-2018New products from Cynara cardunculus L.Pesce, Gaetano Roberto
12-apr-2017Plant secondary compounds in ruminant feeding: implication and effect on meat fatty acid.Campidonico, Luca
12-apr-2017Study of agronomical and postharvest factors influencing qualitative and nutraceutical traits on blood orange and pomegranate fruitsPannitteri, Claudia Rita
Mostrati i risultati da 1 a 7 di 7


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