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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2017Effective interactions and pairing correlations: from nuclei to compact starsBurrello, Stefano
16-Feb-2010Effects of discrete to continuum coupling in weakly bound nuclei. A model study.Ricciardetto, Giovanni
31-Jan-2006Effects of Fluctuations on the Superconducting Transition.Camarda, Massimo
7-Mar-2013Effects of starspots activity on optical and near infrared observations of planetary transitsBallerini, Paola
24-Jan-2002Electron Screening Effects on Fusion Reactions.Pizzone, Rosario Gianluca
2-Sep-2008Emissione Radio e Infrarossa da Nebulose Planetarie: Modellistica con il Codice di Fotoionizzazione Cloudy.Manzitto, Patrizia Maria Nunziata
24-Jan-2002The Equation of State of the Nuclear Matter.Fiasconaro, Alessandro
19-Feb-2004Erbium doped silicon nanoclusters for Microphotonics.Pacifici, Domenico
17-Feb-2014Evidence of Nuclear Rainbow in the 16O + 27Al elastic scattering @ 280 MeVNicolosi, Dario
2-May-2011Excitation of unbound states in 12B via the 8Li-alpha resonant elastic scatteringTorresi, Domenico
17-Feb-2014Experimental and modeling methods to study radon transport processes in porous mediaCatalano, Roberto
1-Feb-2005Experimental and Theoretical Study of 15C Via the (7Li, 7Be) Reaction and QRPA Microscopic Approach.Orrigo, Sonja Elena Agata
24-Feb-2016Experimental measurements and Monte Carlo simulations of a transport beamline for laser-driven proton beamsTramontana, Antonella
17-Feb-2014Experimental study on carbon fragmentation for hadrontherapyTropea, Stefania
16-Feb-2015Exploring Central Collisions in the Reaction 58Ni+48Ca at 25 AMeV with CHIMERAFrancalanza, Laura
20-Feb-2009First application of the MAGNEX spectrometer: investigation of the 19F(7Li,7Be)19O reaction at 52.2 MeV.Cavallaro, Manuela
29-Mar-2013First experimental evidence of the Giant Pairing Vibration in atomic nucleiCarbone, Diana
24-Jan-2019First observation of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in the nucleus 68Ni using an isoscalar probe above the neutron emission thresholdMartorana, Nunzia Simona
24-Jan-2002First Result of 112, 124Sn Induced Reactions on Al and Ni Targets at 35 MeV/nucleon with the CHIMERA Detector.Geraci, Elena
27-Jan-2005Fluorine Enriched Silicon: Properties and Advantages.Impellizzeri, Giuliana
Showing results 31 to 50 of 158
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