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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2011An Observational and Theoretical Study of the Magnetic Helicity FluxSmyrli, Aimilia
24-Jan-2019Orbit dynamics studies of injection, acceleration and extraction of high-intensity beams for the upgrade of the INFN-LNS Superconducting CyclotronD'Agostino, Grazia
29-Jul-2008Particle Identification Via Pulse Shape Discrimination in Silicon Detectors of CHIMERA Device.Stiro, Mario
16-Feb-2015Particle scintillating trackers: design and read-out of real-time, large-area, highly segmented detectorsPugliatti, Cristina
13-Mar-2017A Pathway to EMU: the SCORPIO ProjectCavallaro, Francesco
28-Feb-2012Performance study of the muon prototype detector at the Pierre Auger ObservatoryTrovato, Enrica
27-Jan-2005Phase Transition and Structural Properties of Thin Co-Ni and Ni layers on Silicon.Cafra, Brunella
30-Jan-2007A Photometric Study of Stellar Rotation and Variability in Open Clusters.Di Stefano, Elisa Maria Carmela
13-Feb-2006Pierre Auger Observatory: Fluorescence Detector Event Reconstruction and Data Analysis.D'Urso, Domenico
10-Feb-2004Polarization observables in meson photoproduction at GRAAL.Giusa, Antonio
7-Sep-2009The Population of Late-Type X - Ray Emitting Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood. Synthetic X - Ray Luminosity Functions and Characterization of New Sources by Optical Follow-Up.Mignemi, Giuseppe
30-Jan-2007The Post-He-Burning Evolution and Final Fate of Super-AGB Stars, and the Associated Nucleosynthesis.Pumo, Mara Letizia Pera
20-Dec-2018Probing the Quark-Gluon Plasma properties through Heavy Quarks' dynamics: transport coefficients and elliptic flowCoci, Gabriele
30-Jan-2007Probing the Small Scale Star Formation: The Case of L1615/L1616 and Isolated Haebe Stars.Gandolfi, Davide
31-Jan-2006Production and Spectroscopic Characterization of Semiconductor Cluster Films.Russo, Paola
24-Jan-2018Properties and correlation of flares and coronal mass ejections and their possible relevance on the southern night sky background: a statistical studyCompagnino, Antonio Alessio
27-Jan-2005Properties and Evolution of Si Nanoclusters Studied by Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy.Bonnelli, Simona
11-Feb-2009Quantum dynamics and classical chaos.Zerbo, Bruno
13-Mar-2017Quantum technologies with superconducting artificial atomsDi Stefano, Pietro Giuseppe
7-Mar-2013A Radio Characterization of Galactic BubblesIngallinera, Adriano
Showing results 100 to 119 of 158
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