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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2005Studio Sismologico della Stella di Tipo Solare Procione A.Leccia, Silvio
20-Feb-2009Study of 17O(p,a)14N reaction via the trojan horse method for application to 17O nucleosynthesis.Sergi, Maria Letizia
10-Feb-2004Study of HBT Correlations with the Alice Detector.Pulvirenti, Alberto
3-Apr-2013Study of innovative plasma heating methods and applications to high current ion sourcesCastro, Giuseppe
16-Feb-2015Study of the $^{19}$F(p,$\alpha$)$^{16}$O reaction through the Trojan Horse Method and its astrophysical enviromentIndelicato, Iolanda
28-Feb-2012Study of the 6,7Li+64Zn collisions around the coulomb barrierStrano, Emanuele
17-Feb-2014Study of the performances of the AMIGA muon detectors of the Pierre Auger ObservatoryGarilli, Gianpaolo Cosimo
24-Jan-2019Study on efficacy improvements and quality of the protontherapy treatmentsPetringa, Giada
13-Mar-2017Sviluppo di un sistema di controllo per lo spettrografo CAOSLicciardello, Davide Agatino
2-May-2011Symmetry Energy Effects in Low Energy Heavy Ion Collisions with Exotic BeamsRizzo, Carmelo
27-Jan-2005Thermal Oxidation of SI1-X GEX Epitaxial layers.Spadafora, Maria Maddalena
31-Jan-2006Thin Silicon on Insulator Material: Electrical Properties and Atomic Transport.Ottaviano, Luisa
4-May-2011Time Resolved Single Photon Imaging Device with Single Photon Avalanche DiodeNeri, Lorenzo
24-Jan-2018TOF-based diagnostics system development and Geant4 simulation of the ELIMED transport and dosimetry beam line for high energy laser-driven ion beam applications @ ELI BeamlinesMilluzzo, Giuliana Giuseppina
11-Feb-2009Towards quantum sensors based on cold mirrors.Siciliani De Cumis, Mario
13-Mar-2017Transmission Electron Microscopy studies of the nanostructural characteristics of the Inductively Coupled Plasma synthesized Silicon NanowiresAgati, Marta Antonella
20-Feb-2009Ultra-high energy cosmic ray propagation in the large-scale galactic magnetic field.Scuderi, Mario
10-Feb-2014Visible light emission from Eu-containing Si-based materialsBellocchi, Gabriele
30-Jan-2007VLSI Front-End for AE-E Position-Sensitive Detector.Sipala, Valeria
13-Feb-2006The Young Stellar Population and the Initial Mass Function in the Chamaeleon II Dark Cloud.Spezzi, Loredana
Showing results 139 to 158 of 158
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