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Data di edizioneTitoloAutore/i
31-mag-2011Investigation of laser generated plasmas for astrophysical applicationsGambino, Nadia
2-mag-2011Local transport properties in graphene for electronic applicationsSonde, Sushant
4-mag-2011Mono-crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells: Innovative Technologies toward low Series ResistanceChibbaro, Claudio
2-mag-2011Nuclear reactions induced by light exotic nuclei produced at INFN-LNS and studied by CHIMERA multidetectorGrassi, Laura
2-mag-2011N/Z Effects on Nuclear Reactions Near the Fragmentation ThresholdLombardo, Ivano
4-mag-2011An Observational and Theoretical Study of the Magnetic Helicity FluxSmyrli, Aimilia
2-mag-2011Quantum transport in confined graphene: role of defects, substrate and contactsDeretzis, Ioannis
31-mag-2011The resonant cross sections of 10,11B(p,a) reactions at astrophysical energies: indirect measurements via the THMPuglia, Sebastiana Maria Regina
4-mag-2011Solar Chromospheric Flares: Observations in Ly-alpha and H-alpha and Radiative Hydrodynamic SimulationsRubio da Costa, Fatima
31-mag-2011Study of protoplanet migration processes in sub-Keplerian conditions through SPH hydrodynamic simulationsCosta, Vincenzo
2-mag-2011Symmetry Energy Effects in Low Energy Heavy Ion Collisions with Exotic BeamsRizzo, Carmelo
4-mag-2011Time Resolved Single Photon Imaging Device with Single Photon Avalanche DiodeNeri, Lorenzo
2-mag-2011Transport properties at 3C-SiC interfacesEriksson, Gustav Jens Peter
Mostrati i risultati da 5 a 17 di 17
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