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Mostrati i risultati da 760 a 779 di 1916
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hadrontherapy, fragmentation, carbon
hadrontherapy, muon tomography, scintillating detectors, segmented trackers.
Health economics, Italy, fiscal decentralization, distributional effects, healthcare reforms, convergence, spatial dependence, infant mortality, life expectancy, payment systems, incentive schemes, quality, pay for performance
heart rate variability, autonomic nervous system, R-R interval, Sympathovagal balance, anxiety, psychosis, neuroleptic treatment,variabilità frequenza cardiaca, sistema nervoso autonomo, intervallo R-R, bilanciamento simpatovagale, ansia, psicosi, neurolettici.
heat stress,animal welfare,microclimatic control
Heavy Ion, Central Collisions, Fermi Energy, Reaction Mechanisms, Multifragmentation
heavy ion elastic scattering, nuclear rainbow, magnetic spectrometers, CC calculations
Hepatic encephalopathy, neurocognitive, fatigue, acetylcarnitine
Hepatitis C virus, mixed cryoglobulinemia, pegylated-interferon alpha-2A, Ribavirin
hepatocellular carcinoma, molecular hepatocarcinogenesis, targeted therapy, immunotherapy
HER2, immunoliposomes, curcumin, resveratrol, trastuzumab
hESCs, Oct4, Sox2, Nanog, F.C.S., N&B.
History Institution Europe
History, Italian Film Nation, Risorgimento
Home and Building automation
Honeybee, flight muscle, temporal cycling pattern, clock genes, metabolic genes, division of labor
Mostrati i risultati da 760 a 779 di 1916
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