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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2008A Motion Detection System Based on Statistical Objects Modeling for Outdoor Applications.Spampinato, Concetto
18-Nov-2008A Multi-Approach Strategy for the Taxonomy of Three Species of the Subgenus Goniostoma of Rissoa (Prosobranchia: Rissoidae).Criscione, Francesco
18-Sep-2008Mutual Coupling Volcano - Earthquake Mechanism in Eastern Sicily from Analysis of Coulomb Stress Changes.Bonanno, Amalia
8-Mar-2008Mutualità e Ristorni.Colaiori, Roberta
26-Sep-2008Nano-Patterning by Di-Block Copolymers and Application to the Study of Phase Transition in Ge2Sb2Te5.La Fata, Pietro
26-Sep-2008Nanoscale Approach to Charge Transport Phenomena in GaN-Based Structures.Iucolano, Ferdinando
19-Feb-2007Nanoscale Properties of Dielectric Thin Films.Fiorenza, Patrick
25-Sep-2008Nanostructured Materials and Devices Based on Metallic Nanoclusters.Ruffino, Francesco
4-Mar-2005Nanostructured Molecular Films for Functional Applications.Sardone, Laura
6-Feb-2007Nascondimento e Rivelazione. Parole e Icone dell'Altro nella Lirica di Alessandro Manzoni. Concordanza di tutte le Poesie.Palazzolo, Giuseppe
28-Sep-2009Negoziazione e contratto collettivo europeo nel pluralismo ordinamentale.Comande', Daniela
25-Mar-2009"Nella Sua Parte Più Ima…" nervature petrarchesche nel lessico Poetico di Mario Luzi concordanza di tutte le poesie.Italia, Mariagiovanna
2-Sep-2008The NEMO Phase-1 Detector: Construction, Operation and Data Analysis.Amore, Isabella
15-Jan-2007Nested Miller Compensation Topologies: Analysis, Comparison Design and New Solutions.Grasso, Alfio Dario
17-Jul-2008Networks of Moving Agents: New Strategies for Complex Systems Analysis and Control.Buscarino, Arturo
15-Feb-2006Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing.Sambataro, Fabio
1-Mar-2006Neural Stem Cells Reduce Neuronal Damage and Reverte the Functional Impairments after Ischemia/Reperfusion in Mice.Cafici, Alessia Maria Antonella
27-Feb-2006Neuroactive Steroids and Sigma Receptors: Implications for Retinal Neuroprotection.Bucolo, Claudio
10-Jan-2005Neuron-Glia Interaction in the Pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.Seminara, Giovanna
22-Jan-2010Neuron-Glia interactions in neuronal survival and differentiation.Berretta, Antonio
Showing results 1197 to 1216 of 1794
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