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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2018H2F: a hierarchical Hadoop framework to process Big Data in geo-distributed contextsCavallo, Marco
2-Mar-2007Habitus Costituzionale Neurovegetativo in Pazienti Affetti da Manifestazioni Parossistiche non Epilettiche (MPNE).Proto, Giuliana
13-Mar-2017Hadronization via quark coalescence of the quark gluon plasma at ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisionsMinissale, Vincenzo
29-Feb-2012Handbook of experimental-chaotic circuits and their synchronizationSciuto, Gregorio
17-Jul-2008Harmonic Distortion in Weakly Nonlinear Circuits: The Phasor Approach.Pennisi, Melita
22-Mar-2013Harry Mathews e la traduzione: il gioco e l'identitàMancarella, Maria Carmela
27-Mar-2009Health care deprivation profiles in the measurement of inequality and inequity.Laudicella, Mauro
29-Apr-2009"Heat shock proteins" nella bioprotezione dell'orecchio interno nel trauma acustico.Albani, Alessia
31-Jan-2006Heavily Doped Si with B and Ga: Electrical Properties and Clustering.Romano, Lucia
16-Feb-2015Heavy-ion double charge exchange reactions as tools for 0bb decays. The 40Ca(18O,18Ne)40Ar reaction at 270 MeV by using MAGNEXBondì, Mariangela
2-Oct-2008Hegel Studioso Moderno dell'Antichità: La Repubblica di Platone e le Lezioni sulla Storia della Filosofia.Iannizzotto, Giovanni
13-Feb-2012Heme Oxygenase-2 as a novel target to treat inflammation and chronic neuropathic pain associated with corneal injury and surgeryMarrazzo, Giuseppina
15-Feb-2008Herpes Simplex e Gravidanza: Ruolo dello Screening Sierologico.Russo, Emanuele
13-Feb-2013Hierarchy and interaction of criteria in robust ordinal regressionCorrente, Salvatore
23-Mar-2006High-Frequency Distortion Analysis in Feedback Amplifiers.Cannizzaro, Salvatore Omar
2-Feb-2012High-order markov chains in complex networks: models and applicationsSinatra, Roberta
28-Feb-2008High Order Semi-Lagrangian Methods for the Bgk Model of the Boltzmann Equation.Santagati, Pietro
2-May-2011High resolution molecular karyotyping and proteomic analysis in hematological malignanciesRomano, Alessandra
6-May-2011"Histopathologic and Immunohistochemical Characterization of Rash to Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 1 (HER1) and HER1/2 Inhibitors in Cancer PatientsNardone, Beatrice
17-Mar-2014Histopathology of livers and native organs of recipients following genetically-engineered pig-to-baboon liver xenotransplantationEkser, Burcin
Showing results 971 to 990 of 3191
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