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Data: 2-mag-2011
Autori: Torresi, Domenico
Titolo: Excitation of unbound states in 12B via the 8Li-alpha resonant elastic scattering
Abstract: In the framework of the exotic clustering in light neutron rich nuclei, an experimental study for the search of 8Li-alpha cluster configurations on 12B was performed. The 8Li-4He elastic scattering excitation function was measured by using the thick target inverse kinematics scattering method implemented by time of flight measurements that allows the elastic channel from the inelastic one discrimination. The 8Li beam was provided by the LNS radioactive beam facility EXCYT at the energy of 30 MeV. The absolute cross-section was measured for CM energy between 13 MeV and 19.5 MeV. The procedure that has been used to extract energies and angles in CM system from the detected alpha energies and 4He stopping power for 8Li and 4He is shown in details. A measurements of the 4He stopping power for 7Li ions used to cross-check the stopping power codes data include in our calculations is discussed.
InArea 02 - Scienze fisiche

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