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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2015Analysis of miRNome expression profile in hippocampus of rats treated with antidepressantsSeguini, Mara
3-Feb-2015Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of Nrf2/HO-1 activators: in vitro studies in microglia and retinal cellsForesti, Roberta
3-Feb-2007Approach to the Bioequivalence Studies of Neuroactive Drugs.Marano, Maria Rosa
4-Feb-2013Beta-Amyloid oligomeric and monomeric states: implications for Alzheimer's DiseaseTomasello, Marianna Flora
4-Feb-2013Connexin expression in CNS: Pathological significance and Lithium-mediated neuroprotectionCicirata, Valentina
3-Feb-2015Diabetic retinopathy and Type 3 Diabetes Role of HomocysteineMalaguarnera, Giulia Anna
14-Feb-2009Differential effects of various compounds built on a calixarene scaffold on C6 glioma cell migration and proliferation.Viola, Santa
18-Dec-2015Dynamics of hippocampal networks revealed by voltage sensitive dye imagingColavita, Michelangelo
14-Feb-2009Functional correlation among the dopamine D3 receptor and genetically inherited nervous system diseases.Castorina, Alessandro
14-Feb-2009Gaseous messengers and opioid receptors in the modulation of intraocular pressure.Stagni, Edoardo
4-Feb-2013The glutamate hypothesis of depression: the effect of stress and glucocorticoids on glutamate synapse and the action of antidepressantsTreccani, Giulia
13-Feb-2012Heme Oxygenase-2 as a novel target to treat inflammation and chronic neuropathic pain associated with corneal injury and surgeryMarrazzo, Giuseppina
10-Feb-2014Implications of dopamine D3 receptor for glaucoma: in-silico and in-vivo studiesPlatania, Chiara Bianca Maria
10-Feb-2014Inflammatory mechanisms and vulnerability for major depression: from animal models to drug treatmentMacchi, Flavia
13-Feb-2012Interaction between estrogen receptor and metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 mediates the dual effect of estrogen in neuroprotection and neurodegenerationSpampinato, Simona Federica
3-Feb-2015Involvement of mGluR5/Homer crosstalk disruption in the pathophysiology of Fragile X SyndromeAloisi, Elisabetta Gabriella
3-Feb-2015Modulation of Stress Granules formation: Role of mGlu5 receptor and FMRP and implications for pathophysiology of Fragile X SyndromeDi Marco, Barbara
14-Feb-2009Molecular determinants of Aß toxicity perspectives for neuroprotection in Alzheimer's disease.Caraci, Filippo
27-Feb-2006Molecular Effects of Long Term Antipsychotic Treatment: Focus on Intracellular Mechanisms.Sparta', Maria
27-Feb-2006Neuroactive Steroids and Sigma Receptors: Implications for Retinal Neuroprotection.Bucolo, Claudio
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38
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