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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2005Analysis, Modeling and Application of Advanced Power Semiconductor Devices.Pagano, Rosario
21-Mar-2006An Anthropomorphic Pneumatic Robot for Biped Locomotion: Mechanical Design, Kinematic/Kinetic Analysis and Control Architecture.Spampinato, Giacomo
25-Feb-2005Bio-Inspired Robots: from Sensing Toward Perception.Patane', Luca
18-Mar-2004Cellular Nonlinear Networks: a Wave Based Computing Technology for Machine Vision and Real-Time Emerging Control.Basile, Adriano
25-Feb-2005Climbing Robots: Applications, Design Methodologies, Control, Experimental Results.Longo, Domenico
17-Jul-2008CMOS RF Receivers for Ultra-Wideband Applications.Sapone, Giuseppina Maria Luisa
21-Mar-2006Complex Models and Innovation Technology.Conti, Francesca
18-Mar-2004Design and Modeling of Silicon Integrated Rf Devices.Biondi, Tonio
17-Jul-2008Digitally-Modulated CMOS RF Power Amplifier for Multi-Standard Transceivers.Presti, Calogero Davide
21-Mar-2006Dinamica e Globalita': Sistemi Produttivi e Mercati.Tomarchio, Giuseppina
18-Mar-2004E^3: Un Emulatore Complesso per Sistemi Complessi Interagenti.Fazzino, Stefano
17-Jul-2008Electrical Analysis, Thermal Behavior and Reliability Evaluation by Dedicated Models for Power Electronic Devices.Chimento, Filippo
25-Feb-2005Emergent IPMC Materials: from Models to Technologies, from New Equipments to Smart Applications.Bonomo, Claudia
21-Mar-2006Emergent Strategies for Modeling and Simulation of Lava Flow Dynamics.Vicari, Annamaria
17-Jul-2008Emerging Identification Techniques for Data Modeling in Volcanic Environment.Ganci, Gaetana
15-Jan-2007Emerging Methodologies for Real Time Monitoring and Control of Tokamak Machines.Vagliasindi, Guido
18-Mar-2004An Emerging Strategy for Magnetic Data Complex Processing in Volcanic Monitoring Networks.Currenti, Gilda Maria
21-Mar-2006Ferrofluidic Sensors and Actuators.Barbera, Paola
17-Jul-2008Harmonic Distortion in Weakly Nonlinear Circuits: The Phasor Approach.Pennisi, Melita
23-Mar-2006High-Frequency Distortion Analysis in Feedback Amplifiers.Cannizzaro, Salvatore Omar
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