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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2004Diversa Disponibilità di Ferro: Influenza del Nitrato in Piante di Mais (Zea Mays L.).Giannetto, Stefania
6-May-2011Diversità ed Ecologia degli Imenotteri Apoidei in ambienti frammentati pedomontani dell'Etna a differente pressione antropicaLa Greca, Pierluigi
12-Apr-2013Diversity and flight activity of Staphylinidae in a citrus orchard of the Catania Plain (Sicily)Adorno, Antonio Salvatore Maria
6-May-2011Dizionario delle parlate galloitaliche di Novara di Sicilia e Fondachelli FantinaAbbamonte, Rita Pina
28-Mar-2012DNA barcoding e biodiversità molecolare: casi di studio nel settore itticoPappalardo, Anna Maria
6-Sep-2019DNA methylation landscape in retinal degenerative diseases: implications for Public Health at the crossroad between genes and dietMaugeri, Andrea Giuseppe
8-Oct-2008Docking on Trial Combining Modeling Studies with Experimental Data.Giurato, Laura
2-May-2011Dopaminergic System and cognitive functionMaci, Tiziana
7-Mar-2007Due Sfide alla Sovranità - L'Unione Europea e i Diritti Umani.Ninfo, Michele
17-Apr-2009Durum wheat: compositional, nutritional and technologic aspects for innovative food production.Bognanni, Rosaria
10-Feb-2004Dynamical Aspects of Fragment Production in the Reactions 124Sn+64Ni at 35A MeV and 112Sn+58Ni at 35A.MeV.La Guidara, Elena
9-Feb-2007Dynamical Emission of Heavy Fragments in the 112,124 SN+58,64NI Reactions at 35 AMeV as Seen with Chimera.Russotto, Paolo
20-Feb-2017Dynamic expression of aquaporins in physiological and pathophysiological in vitro models.Avola, Rosanna
11-Mar-2016Dynamic identification of the Augusta hybrid base isolated building using data from full scale push and sudden release testsAthanasiou, Anastasia
31-May-2011Dynamic response of the coupled human body and seat in vertical and fore-and-aft directionTufano, Saverio
28-Jul-2008Dynamics of a Solid State Qubit Coupled to a Structured Bath: Non-Markovian Effects and Qubit-Bath Quantum Correlations.Maugeri, Alessio Gerardo
27-Mar-2017Dynamics of Classical Systems in the Operator Algebra of Quantum MechanicsDi Salvo, Rosa
1-Feb-2005Dynamics of Colors: Signals of the Quark-Gluon Plasma.Terranova, Salvatrice
18-Dec-2015Dynamics of hippocampal networks revealed by voltage sensitive dye imagingColavita, Michelangelo
27-Mar-2017Dynamics of Periodic Stratified Shear FlowsPonetti, Giordano
Showing results 643 to 662 of 3283
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