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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2015Impiego di tecniche innovative per la valorizzazione e caratterizzazione molecolare di specie vegetali ornamentaliDiliberto, Giuseppe
5-Mar-2015Initial state fluctuations and anisotropic flows of the Quark-Gluon Plasma created in Ultra-relativistic Heavy Ion collisionsGuardo, Giovanni Luca Concetto
12-Jan-2018Innovative characterization and elastoplastic modelling of metals under static and dynamic conditionsBarbagallo, Raffaele
19-Dec-2015Innovative Electromechanical Transduction Mechanisms for Piezoelectric Energy harvesting from Vibration: Toward Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical SystemsMaiorca, Felice
19-Dec-2017Innovative numerical petrological methods for definition of metamorphic timescale events of southern European Variscan relicts via thermodynamic and diffusion modelling of zoned garnetsVisalli, Roberto
2-Mar-2018Innovative techniques for conformal doping of semiconductors for applications in micro- and nano-electronicsCaccamo, Sebastiano
3-Mar-2017Innovative technologies of phytoremediation for contaminated soilsLeonardi, Chiara Giuseppa Elena
7-Mar-2018Integral operators and partial differential equations in Morrey type spacesScapellato, Andrea
16-Feb-2015Integration and optimization of new technology for building integrated PV systemsMaenza, Simone Francesco
24-Feb-2015Interactions between ants and diaspores of flowering plants (myrmecochory) in Sicily (Southern Italy): an important ecosystem function of the Mediterranean basinLi Vigni, Ignazio
29-Jan-2018Investigation on genes possibly involved in the response to heavy metals in Cynara cardunculus L.Pappalardo, Helena Domenica
3-Feb-2015Involvement of mGluR5/Homer crosstalk disruption in the pathophysiology of Fragile X SyndromeAloisi, Elisabetta Gabriella
23-Mar-2015I SUAP, strumento di efficienza economicaCicala, Giuseppe
2-Mar-2015Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing: Epidemiology, detection, new in vitro testing and infection controlCaio, Carla
26-Jan-2015Knowledge bases, computational methods and data mining techniques with applications to A-to-I RNA editing, Synthetic Biology and RNA interferenceVeneziano, Dario
30-Mar-2017La biodiversité alimentaire : sa mesure, ses conditions d accès et le rôle des politiques : cas de la TunisieKefi, Faycak
19-Apr-2016L'Accademia degli Etnei nella Catania del XVIII secoloSantamaria, Fabio Domenico
7-Mar-2016Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG: a versatile probiotic species for foods and human applicationsPino, Alessandra
14-Mar-2017La disciplina legale dell'amministrazione di s.r.l.: funzionamento del c.d.a. e invalidità delle decisioni gestorieCannavo', Graziella
29-Sep-2017La luce dell'idealeMontemagno, Giuseppe Francesco
Showing results 136 to 155 of 361
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