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Data: 27-feb-2018
Autori: Valenti, Francesca
Titolo: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL BIOGAS PRODUCTION: Gis-based Techno Economic Assessment In Southern Italy
Abstract: Renewable energies have attracted increasing attention in the past decades due to the need to reduce consumption of energy from fossil fuels and GHG emissions. In this respect, energy production from agri-food biomass has been researched and developed regarding both processes and biomass feedstocks (food crops, non-food crops, and by-products and residues). Recently, an innovative system based on both intensification of crop rotation and use of by-products was derived from BIOGASDONERIGHT concept, which aims to sustainably make more biogas. Therefore, the main objective of this thesis was to apply advanced GIS modeling and biomethane potential test to investigate availability of byproducts and wastes, and conclude suitable biogas production system in the region of Sicily. A hypothetical regional biogas power generation system based on multiple biomass feedstocks for the Catania province in Sicily was developed using GIS modeling tools, and evaluated by techno-economic assessment and economic sensitivity analysis. The analysis of availability and distribution of the multiple biomass feedstocks identified the best locations of four biogas plants in terms of optimization of biomass logistics. The size and location of four biogas plants in the system were determined by buffer zone and road network analyses. Moreover, the effects of mixing six feedstocks (citrus pulp, olive pomace, cattle manure, poultry litter, whey, and corn silage) on anaerobic digestion of biogas production have been investigated by this study using a combined biomethane potential (BMP) and semi-continuous anaerobic digestion (AD) testing approach, in order to maximise the biogas production. The system demonstrates excellent economic performance with a payback period of less than three years for all four biogas plants. The economic sensitivity analysis clearly presents that, after establishment of the regional biogas plants according to feedstock availability and transportation, some customised adjustments on operations at local level could be carried out to further improve the economic performance of individual biogas plants. The system offers a sustainable solution for renewable electricity generation and soil amendment production from agricultural residues and food wastes in the region of Sicily.
InArea 07 - Scienze agrarie e veterinarie

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